Kat's World

Available in this Month's issue of the La Mesa Courier.  Look for Support Local section!  

Wine, Paint & Shop

Oct 16th 

5:30 PM - 6 PM Shop & Mingle
6:30 - 9:30 PM Painting

Space is limited.

BYOWine & bevorages :)

Upcoming Bridal Shower, September 30th.   This was created with the bridal shower in mind.

Give me your ideas and I'll create your own paint/art experience for your party or event.

Prices vary based on event.

Recently at Navajo Live

Wine & Paint

Wine, Paint & Shop events are available at Amethyst Moon the 3rd Monday of each month.  Minimum 6 maximum of 16 participants.  Bring a friend!  Snacks provided BYO wine & beverages

2 Meows  out of 10 in difficulty

Navajo Live Paint Party - Oct 21

$25 Advance $30 at the door.

Venue Specials offered throughout the event.  

These witches are simply too fun to pass up!  Pick your style of witch  I am doing both at the same time.   

Take home one 18 x 36x1.5 

  • Dreamin'2:45
  • Special Words3:00
  • LightofDayFADE43:22
  • Rain6:34
  • Carefully.3:28
  • In Your Hands3:32
  • This Road4:05
  • Forever Blue2:14
  • Blue3:50
  • Dance Over7:10
  • Good Enough4:23
  • What Is It About You?4:10
  • It's About Time3:23
  • I Do2:01
  • Hold Your Fire3:43
  • My Old Flame4:42
  • My Old Flame4:42