Kat's World

Enjoy the journey.., even the struggles as they are what defines us.

"Dream--MARCH FORTH--Believe"   Katie Halvin, July 2014


Born in Southern California,  I’ve lived within San Diego county most of my life.   As a young child I lived  throughout the Southwest and Florida.  After high school, I joined the service and received orders to my first ship causing my  return to San Diego.  That was 1986, I've since called La Mesa, California home since 1996.    

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been enthralled by color, nature and music. Their respective influence on me, undeniable and their combined influence upon me, life changing!  A retired Chief Torpedoman United States Navy, I proudly served my country and my family.  

I've learned that life is a journey, often a painful one, but oddly it has been that pain that has become the foundation of my work.  As a child I sought refuge in my doodles and found solace and healing  in my work.  Over time, I've learned to channel that which causes me pain into a positive, beautiful and influential new piece.  I believe that my life experience coupled with my passion and zest for life brings depth and purpose.  Each piece is a story of a person , an event or a moment in my life.   Ask me about them, I'll be glad to share them.

Making a living as an artist is of course my dream, but more importantly, I hope my work and their stories influences someone else to heal, to move forward, and to believe in themselves enough to pursue their own dreams.  I've had many dreams, many I've achieved, a number I am still in pursuit of and then there are those that I've determined are no longer dreams of mine.  

I wake up each day knowing it is never to late.  Life is short.   Each day I strive to create something new. When I succeed my flight of fancy comes alive in the hearts and minds of others.  I hope you are one of them.  


At the center of art in me, is pain, laughter, empathy, courage, fearlessness, loyalty, determination, humility, tolerance, sleeplessness, shadows, memories, angels, joy, safety, life, the journey, Road Trips, Forgiveness, Keeping my Sanity, My Soul and My SISTER.  The lesson to my children.  Never stop.  Never stop believing in yourself.  PURSUIT your Dreams.

"Dream--MARCH FORTH-- Believe"